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Adoption Process

If you’re visiting our adoption pages, we hope you are considering adopting a TEARS cat. If this is the case, we’re thrilled!

We can assure you, as you set out on this journey, a TEARS adoption means we will be with you every step of the way – guiding you through this exciting, but sometimes daunting process of choosing a new addition to your family.

Step 1:  Have a look at our adoption profiles and see if anyone of those gorgeous faces stands out for you. If yes, call or email our dedicated adoption staff who are waiting to receive your inquiry.

Step 2:  One of our adoption specialists will call you to talk about your circumstances and requirements so we can be as sure as possible that the dog you’re interested in would be a good fit.

Step 3: Now the fun part – you get to meet the cat or cats that might suit your family. This happens during a visit to our cattery when you will be guided through the introductions by an adoptions counsellor.

Step 4:  Once you’ve decided on your favourite kitty, one of our staff or volunteers will visit you at home to check that your home will be a suitable environment for that particular dog or cat, and complies with our Adoption Policy. This check is carried out for the safety and wellbeing of both animals and humans. Adoptions should be all about happiness and new beginnings.

Step 5:  Once the home check has been processed, our adoptions staff will give you a happy call to let you know when you can fetch your new family member. Now it’s time to head for the shops for new beds, bowls, toys and treat.

Step 6:  If you already have pooches at home, we’ll ask you to bring them to TEARS where, in a controlled environment, overseen by experiences staff, we will introduce your pets to the new addition. It does happen that sometimes dogs take an instant dislike to each other which could be dangerous for all concerned.

Step 7:  You’ve done the shopping, and your cat is going to be great mates with your new addition. Now it’s time to head home to a new chapter. It might be the first home this cat has ever had. You’ve done a great thing.

Step 8:  There are occasions when a cat faces some challenges fitting into a new home. Again, you are not alone. TEARS’ animal behaviourist will follow-up and can help you through the settling-in process or give you the right advice about next steps to take.

What your adoption fee covers

Our adoption fee of R650 helps us provide you with a healthy and protected animal.

Adoption fee covers

Feel good fact: A TEARS adoption not only provides you with a new family member, it also means that another cat can find a place at TEARS in the hope of being adopted into a loving home as a new rescue takes the place of your cat.

Adoption Advice
Should you adopt an adult cat?

Here are our top 10 reason for adopting an adult cat:

  1. Fully perfect: All grown up and perfect just the way they are. An adult cat is fully grown and there are no surprises about size, colour or temperament.

2. They’ve got that lovin’ feelin’: Affectionate and loving, an adult cat somehow knows how to say “I love you” in just the right way.

3. Kittenhood is a thing of the past: Acting out and climbing up your curtains is no longer the concern of adult cats. They are over the teenage phase and have learned to take it easy.

4. More independent: More sure of themselves and confident in how to deal with the day, whether it be gallivanting or slouching around.

5. Child-friendly: Equipped to deal with the “cats land on their feet” test and general harassment by young children. Adult cats can escape the chaos; run and hide.

6. Self-cleaning: Adult cats have mastered the art of grooming. Cat-bathing your kitten due to poor litter box etiquette is not a concern you need have.

7. Take it easy: More relaxed, older cats know that there is a time for play and a time for rest. The energy consumption of an adult is just so much more compatible with a relaxed lifestyle of simply being at home.

8. A good night’s sleep: We all need our sleep and adult cats are considerate in that way.

9. Instant friend– rescue cat bond: There are many stories from families who explain how instantly their new adult rescue cat bonded with them and fit right in.

10. Awesome! They really are just that!

FIV Programme

The FIV ribbon cats are part of our SNAP programme candidates. If you want to learn more about FIV and our programme, click here