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TEARS Sleepathon 2017 Team Challenge

24 & 25 March


Teams representing various industries and brands. A team can be as small as 3 people and as large as 20. Each individual taking part will raise R200 sponsorship for each of the 10 hours they spend in a kennel. The team, on the other hand, can challenge their company to match part or the total of their individual donations, challenge other companies in their industry, or ask their customers/clients to get behind their sleepathon.

On our side, we’ll set up a GivenGain campaign to which teams can attach their own activist pages for donations. We’ll be making sure that our sleepathon brands are given extensive exposure across our sizeable supporter base as well the media, and there’ll be some other fabulous goodies thrown in.

Registration for the TEARS Sleepathon 2017 Team Challenge will open on 20 February.

TEARS Sleepathon Spring 2017

29 & 30 September


Individuals will spend 10 hours with a dog or cat in a shelter kennel to raise funds for the animals who are suffering and still have not been reached, as well as carrying out an act of solidarity with homeless animals still searching for family and home.