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Katniss Info

Katniss is on a mission to steal your heart! If you’re looking for a fun, active dog, you just have to meet her. She has an adorable face, very expressive ears and soft, golden fur. Katniss lights up when she sees people she knows – her tail can’t wag fast enough! Most of the time she’s bouncing around, wagging her tail and giving kisses. And she’ll lean in for hugs, too – she just loves affection! Once she’s been properly introduced to them, Katniss loves to play with her doggy friends, and she thinks chase is the best game on earth. Her dreams are filled with wishes for love and belly rubs from a person of her very own and she’d really enjoy a home where she can be the center of attention, where her people are around most of the time. Chasing cats is a guilty pleasure, so she’d need a home without felines. Katniss loves to go for car rides, and he would love even more to ride home with you! Could this beautiful, hazel-eyed belle waltz her way into your heart?